When it comes to lending a hand up to those who are less
fortunate, the need has always outstripped the capacity. One
of the goals of WW4G is to simply add, if ever so modestly, to
the capacity of our country to respond and to help. It’s well
known that the finest among us have more often than not
had their character shaped and formed through service work.
It seems that combining the goal of helping others with the
goal of creating character-building opportunities for our
nation’s youth is a winning proposition all the way around.


In its first year of operation, Will Work 4 Good is committed
to deploying a team to a critical area of need for one week
of service work in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. All students
participating in the WW4G program are required to donate a
week of time to the service project, and sponsoring
employers are invited to include a representative.


Many hands make the load light.