Building a work force filled with people of character is a collective responsibility, but teaching our country’s future business leaders the right way to lead is the duty of corporate America. The right way begins with service to others.
The WW4G program provides companies with an opportunity
to fulfill philanthropic goals with the significant benefit of
active engagement. WW4G sponsor companies aren’t simply
asked to write a donation check. They hire students to work
for them and participate in the service project along with
the students. With this kind of deep engagement comes the
opportunity to make an impact—and even change a life or two.
Some of the benefits for participating
companies include the following:
  • Strategic philanthropy; involves multiple stakeholders
  • Participation opportunity for employees
  • Identification of future leadership talent
  • Opportunity to improve lives
  • Showcase the good of business; tell the right story
  • Active engagement rather than passive support
  • Acknowledgement in all WW4G publicity efforts
For corporate participation information, please contact Mike Sullivan.